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Trade Show Displays for your Trade Show Booth

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We work with a lot of businesses doing Exhibits, Trade Fairs, Farmer’s Markets, etc. We’ve found that it doesn’t take a lot to make a huge impact on customers, clients or potential fans. With some creativity, some basic will make your trade show displays or market booths look great! Here are our top picks for taking your trade show booth up a notch or ten:

Trade Show Banners

Well-designed custom banners always make a great impression. Custom banners can be designed to any dimension (we can literally do 2’x2′ banners or wrap skyscrapers). When doing trade show banners you’ll want to make sure your banner fits the space of your trade show displays so measure first, if you can, or find out from the expo or trade show host to find out the exact dimensions. If you have a booth you can hang your custom banner as a stunning backdrop, or hang a banner in front of your table to catch the attention of passersby. For larger displays you can often create banners that are 10 or 20 feet and hang up high for all to see.

Find out what your display options are then we’re happy to help you with the banner design or custom banner printing. View & purchase your custom trade show banners »

Banner Stands (Retractable Banners)

Banner stands are a big favorite with our clients because they are versatile and easy to transport. Retractable banners come in many widths and heights. They’re also reusable so you can use them in trade show displays then place them in a storefront, office…anywhere. The versatility of banner stands means you can use just one. Or, use a bunch of them to creatively display products or multiple brands, or to deliver a story. View & purchase banner stands »

Table Covers (Custom Tablecloths)

Tables are a standard part of trade show displays. Dress yours up with table covers branded to your business. Table covers are also called “custom tablecloths” and are sometimes confused with table skirting. Your custom table cover can go over a table in lieu of table skirting or sometimes over the table skirting. (Ask the expo venue for their rules about table skirting and its use in your trade show booth.) Table Covers are both subtle and powerful at the same time. Instantly display your brand without overwhelming. Like all our other options in this article, custom tablecloths are economical to boot. We provide 3-sided and 4-sided options. Whether you need to sit at the table or it is free-standing, we’ve got you covered (get it?). View & purchase your table covers »

table runner for trade show displays

Table Runner

A custom table runner is another way to dress your table effectively and economically. It’s a great option in any case, but especially if your expo venue has stringent rules about table displays. Table runners come in just about any dimension you need. View & purchase your table runners »

Have questions about your trade show display or booth? Don’t hesitate to ask us, we’re happy to help. Good luck at the show!