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Poster printing for any occasion

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Why Poster Printing?

Poster printing is in high demand these days for many reasons:

  • Easy to treat, display or mount
  • Custom sizes are easy to request
  • It’s an eco-friendly alternative to other types of large format printing
  • Quality poster printing makes your graphic designs look great
  • Posters are good for long-term or short-term displays

The list goes on and on but we’ll keep it simple. If you’re looking at poster printing as a possible solution we hope this article will help!

Uses for poster printing?

First off, we want to point out that our posters are printed on paper (high quality 9 mil poster paper) so they are best used indoors. You don’t want them to wrinkle in the rain or tear in high winds. That said, there are plenty of great uses for poster printing:

  • Promote upcoming events
  • Adorn your home or office with stunning art printing
  • Print photos for autographs or event memorabilia
  • Sell print version of your artwork, paintings, photographs, etc.
  • Use for presentations

We’ll stop because this list can go on and on as well. Any time you want to create a stunning display posters are a great option.

More points you should know…

We specialize in custom prints which means you can order posters of any size up to 10′ on one side and over 100′ on the other! That means you can let your imagination run free. We cut to dimension so you don’t have to be concerned about bleed. Artists often find these details useful because paper is easy to cut to their own dimensions for special shapes. Installers find it useful for walls or backing with unique dimensions.

Again, poster printing is an eco-friendly, Earth-friendly alternative to large format printing options like vinyl. If you’re doing a short-term display or creating promotional posters this is great because paper is recyclable and biodegrades naturally. If you’re doing a long-term installation or adorning your home or office, paper is lightweight and easy to move making it a versatile choice.

In conclusion

Posters make your colors pop so you might want to choose paper posters to add some WOW to whatever you’re doing. We laminate free and offer matte or gloss finish. Click the button below to learn full details about our poster printing products and options. Still have questions? Contact us — we’re here to help.

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