Ordering a banner can be broken down in to 2 main parts:


PART 1. BANNER DESIGN – Create a print-ready graphics file

Measure first.

Before you start your banner design you need to know how wide and how high your banner will be. For best results, measure the area where the banner will hang. The banner should be a little smaller than the space where it will hang. In most cases, your graphic file will be designed to the dimensions of your final, printed banner.

Know the rules.

Review our print-ready file requirements so you know how to design your file.

Design the file.

If you have a design team or are a designer, great! You can create your file to the specs in the link above.

If you’re not a designer — try to find a designer. These days it can be pretty easy to find a friend, family member, even local high school or college kids who are good with computers and know how to design.

If you’re taking the DIY route, be sure to choose a design program that gives you the ability to design to our print-ready file specs. Photoshop, Illustrator and Corel are well-known programs that work well.

If you don’t have any of these resources available and would like help, we specialize in graphic banner design so you can ask us for a quote!


This section can be broken into two main parts as well.

Choose the right banner product.

MATERIAL: Consider how you will be using the banner. Long- or short-term? Indoor or outdoor? A huge percentage of our orders are for Standard Vinyl so chances are this is what you’ll be looking for. However, you may be looking for something like fabric, mesh, tension fabric, canvas, poster paper, or our various kinds of vinyl. Browse all our options to find the right material for your project.

FINISHING: Finishing includes things like:

  • Hemmed edges – reinforces the edges for hanging
  • Grommets – brass eyelets to hang a banner with rope, zip-ties or similar methods
  • Pole-pockets – a loop in the material so the banner can be hung from a pole or similar method

The standard product is a vinyl banner with hemmed edges and grommets on all 4 corners and every 2′ of your banner. Unless you specify otherwise this is what we will quote for you.

Choose the right banner printer.

You should now have everything you need to submit an order successfully. Choosing a banner printer breaks down to three main deciding factors:

PRICE: The banner printing world can be costly. Some vendors take advantage of this fact and gouge their customers. It’s unfortunate but true. We pride ourselves in offering prices that are honest and fair.

QUALITY: Not all banners are equal. Sometimes you get what you pay for. “Cheap banners” doesn’t only mean inexpensive. Cheap banners can be made of low-quality materials. This means they won’t look as good, won’t last as long, and may fall apart well before you need them too. Be aware that some banners are shipped from other countries that do not share the same standards of quality.

We use only professional-grade materials so you get the best.

TIMELINE: Banners shipped from other countries can take literally weeks to arrive. You may save money with a cheap banner but the trade-off is turnaround time. On the other hand, many local shops have fast turnarounds but charge an arm and a leg.

We’ve found the sweet spot with “next-day” printing. Complete your order by 4pm and we’ll print it the next business day, Monday through Friday. After that the only wait is shipping. We print right here in the U.S. and ship to all 50 states so you get the best in PRICE, QUALITY & TURNAROUND.