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banner printing cheap

Is banner printing cheap?

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We work with a lot of businesses looking to get their banner printing cheap. After all, marketing should bring in more business than it costs, right? What better marketing than a great big — cheap — banner to capture the attention of passersby. If you’re a smart business owner, you want to make informed decisions. This article will help you understand how to get your banner printing cheap while managing to make a wise investment.

What is a cheap banner, really?

  1. Low price — the perk here is obvious. The lower the price, the more you can buy! We won’t fault you for trying to get your banner printing cheap on price.
  2. Cheap quality — The dark side of cheap banners is that you usually get what you pay for. Pay for a cheap banner you may be disappointed. Cheap banners made of cheap quality don’t withstand the elements very well. Cheap banners chaff in the wind, fade in direct sunlight, and can even crumble just from being handled (like pulling it out of the box!). This is no good if you’re looking for a banner that looks professional, lasts a good long time, can be used again and again or even saved as a keepsake (such as birthday or anniversary banners.

banner printing cheap

There must be middle ground…

If you’re gonna get your banner printing cheap you want your banner printed with good quality AND at a good price. Is such a thing possible? Of course! We specialize in TOP-quality banners at the best prices on the market. Why? Because we like to create ongoing relationships with happy customers. We charge fair prices so that all our businesses are sustainable and thrive.

What does this mean for your banner quality?

Our facility prints on top-quality vinyls and other materials. We follow that up with quality inks and finishes to make sure your “cheap” banners look highly professional and last you for a good long time. We use hemmed edges and quality grommets so you won’t have to worry about ripping or tearing when you hang the banner. Use your banner again and again, or let it sit, pulling in traffic day after day.

What does it mean for your pricing?

Our fair prices mean you can get more banner for your buck AND feel good about your purchase. You can get the banner printing cheap you were looking for, without feeling a strain in your budget. In fact, our products and prices are beloved by businesses large and small, even individuals looking to celebrate personal events. We help non-profits, churches, start-up businesses, and world-size corporations.

So if you’re looking for a cheap banner, don’t get taken advantage of. Don’t get overcharged, and don’t get exploited and disappointed by receiving a low-quality banner. Browse our vinyl and fabric banners to pick out your banner product. Have questions? Contact us

gallery wrapped canvas art prints 2

Custom canvas printing for your office or home

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Canvas Prints and Art Printing…

Canvas printing is a fantastic and economical way to adorn your walls with beautiful art prints. Whether you’re looking to liven up your office or home (or home office!) canvas prints are a great way to go. We can help you find art for your print or you can provide us with your art and we’ll print your canvas for you. With many sizes and any design you like the sky is the limit for your office or artistic project.

Photo Canvas & Canvas Art…

Are you an artist or photographer? Canvas prints and giclee printing are the best way to make your art and photographs really pop. You can make as many prints as you like for sale or display. Canvas creates a nice looking texture that adds a touch of realism to your work. Our canvas wraps come in many different sizes allowing you to charge different prices for different sizes. Your customers will love being able to choose the size that works just right for them.

Canvas Prints From Photos…

Want to memorialize vacation photos or favorite family photos? Put them on canvas prints. Our canvas wraps are carefully hand wrapped on MDF frames. Turn your favorite photos in to works of art and add even more meaning to your wall decor.

Canvas printing is versatile, economical and professional looking. Ask us about our canvas printing options or click here to learn more about canvas roll (custom dimensions), canvas wraps and framed prints. If you’re an artist or photographer as about our Reseller options.

poster printing and poster prints

Poster printing for any occasion

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Why Poster Printing?

Poster printing is in high demand these days for many reasons:

  • Easy to treat, display or mount
  • Custom sizes are easy to request
  • It’s an eco-friendly alternative to other types of large format printing
  • Quality poster printing makes your graphic designs look great
  • Posters are good for long-term or short-term displays

The list goes on and on but we’ll keep it simple. If you’re looking at poster printing as a possible solution we hope this article will help!

Uses for poster printing?

First off, we want to point out that our posters are printed on paper (high quality 9 mil poster paper) so they are best used indoors. You don’t want them to wrinkle in the rain or tear in high winds. That said, there are plenty of great uses for poster printing:

  • Promote upcoming events
  • Adorn your home or office with stunning art printing
  • Print photos for autographs or event memorabilia
  • Sell print version of your artwork, paintings, photographs, etc.
  • Use for presentations

We’ll stop because this list can go on and on as well. Any time you want to create a stunning display posters are a great option.

More points you should know…

We specialize in custom prints which means you can order posters of any size up to 10′ on one side and over 100′ on the other! That means you can let your imagination run free. We cut to dimension so you don’t have to be concerned about bleed. Artists often find these details useful because paper is easy to cut to their own dimensions for special shapes. Installers find it useful for walls or backing with unique dimensions.

Again, poster printing is an eco-friendly, Earth-friendly alternative to large format printing options like vinyl. If you’re doing a short-term display or creating promotional posters this is great because paper is recyclable and biodegrades naturally. If you’re doing a long-term installation or adorning your home or office, paper is lightweight and easy to move making it a versatile choice.

In conclusion

Posters make your colors pop so you might want to choose paper posters to add some WOW to whatever you’re doing. We laminate free and offer matte or gloss finish. Click the button below to learn full details about our poster printing products and options. Still have questions? Contact us — we’re here to help.

View our Poster Printing Products
tension fabric banners and material 2024

Trade Show Displays for your Trade Show Booth

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We work with a lot of businesses doing Exhibits, Trade Fairs, Farmer’s Markets, etc. We’ve found that it doesn’t take a lot to make a huge impact on customers, clients or potential fans. With some creativity, some basic will make your trade show displays or market booths look great! Here are our top picks for taking your trade show booth up a notch or ten:

Trade Show Banners

Well-designed custom banners always make a great impression. Custom banners can be designed to any dimension (we can literally do 2’x2′ banners or wrap skyscrapers). When doing trade show banners you’ll want to make sure your banner fits the space of your trade show displays so measure first, if you can, or find out from the expo or trade show host to find out the exact dimensions. If you have a booth you can hang your custom banner as a stunning backdrop, or hang a banner in front of your table to catch the attention of passersby. For larger displays you can often create banners that are 10 or 20 feet and hang up high for all to see.

Find out what your display options are then we’re happy to help you with the banner design or custom banner printing. View & purchase your custom trade show banners »

Banner Stands (Retractable Banners)

Banner stands are a big favorite with our clients because they are versatile and easy to transport. Retractable banners come in many widths and heights. They’re also reusable so you can use them in trade show displays then place them in a storefront, office…anywhere. The versatility of banner stands means you can use just one. Or, use a bunch of them to creatively display products or multiple brands, or to deliver a story. View & purchase banner stands »

Table Covers (Custom Tablecloths)

Tables are a standard part of trade show displays. Dress yours up with table covers branded to your business. Table covers are also called “custom tablecloths” and are sometimes confused with table skirting. Your custom table cover can go over a table in lieu of table skirting or sometimes over the table skirting. (Ask the expo venue for their rules about table skirting and its use in your trade show booth.) Table Covers are both subtle and powerful at the same time. Instantly display your brand without overwhelming. Like all our other options in this article, custom tablecloths are economical to boot. We provide 3-sided and 4-sided options. Whether you need to sit at the table or it is free-standing, we’ve got you covered (get it?). View & purchase your table covers »

table runner for trade show displays

Table Runner

A custom table runner is another way to dress your table effectively and economically. It’s a great option in any case, but especially if your expo venue has stringent rules about table displays. Table runners come in just about any dimension you need. View & purchase your table runners »

Have questions about your trade show display or booth? Don’t hesitate to ask us, we’re happy to help. Good luck at the show!

banner printing for churches

Church banners for events and more

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Church banners are a great way to get people’s attention. If you’re a church or religious organization you have lots of different occasions you’ll want to get people’s attention, increase foot traffic to your events, even grow your community.

Churches need church banners for special holidays such as:

  • Christmas
  • Easter
  • Lent
  • Hanukkah
  • Passover
  • Thanksgiving

We also do custom banners for churches holding special events like:

  • Music festivals
  • Organ concerts
  • Community gatherings like:
    • Alcoholics Anonymous and Al-Anon
    • Bible School
    • Summer School
    • Summer Bible School

We understand that churches often work on tight budgets and we don’t think that should keep you from having a high-quality custom banner. You’ll be delighted to know that we offer 10% off our already low prices to non-profit organizations. Church banners qualify so be sure to let us know your organization is a non-profit when requesting your free quote.

Where to start?

You’ll need a digital design file — JPG or PDF. If you have someone designing your banner they can follow our Design-file specifications. If you know the height and width of the banner you’d like, you can request a quote on our custom banners page. Have other questions? Give us a call! We’re happy to help.